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Author Size
Edenism v1.1 Lord Kor 602K
Galactic Theme Park v1.1 Lord Kor 1.7MB
Greed v1.1 Lord Kor 557K Stephen Albert Björnsson 1.88MB
Alpha Centauri Stephen Albert Björnsson 471K
MARS2078 Steve Lane 689K
Omecron Persei 8 Lemon 614K

Single Player Maps Stephen Albert Björnsson 602K
Risa.rar FirstCavArmyVet 431K

1-  Unzip/UnRar the CAM file into the campaigns directory of Space Colony.
2-  Unzip/UnRar  the MAP files into the maps directory of Space Colony.
3-  Start Space Colony and select the option for user maps.